Colorado Divorce and Child Custody Information

The Information You Need to Make the Right Decisions for You and Your Family

If you or a friend is considering divorce in Colorado, we understand what a tough time this must be. Not only are the underlying issues in the marriage painful to deal with, but figuring just how to proceed with a divorce, dealing with child custody questions, and calculating equitable financial settlements can be baffling especially for those facing the situation for the first time. 

That is why the Harris Law Firm has created Colorado Divorce Info, a free resource intended to help people with marital issues make the best possible decisions. As the largest family law practice in Colorado, the Harris Law Firm knows what questions you may have—whether you are still undecided about ending your marriage, decided but don’t know how to go about getting a divorce, or even if you are already divorced but are dealing with Colorado child custody or child support issues.  When it comes to family law, our lawyers have seen it all.  So no matter what decisions you are facing, we have the information you need to make smart choices. 

The information and resources available on Colorado Divorce Info have been compiled by the experienced family law attorneys at the Harris Law Firm to address the questions they receive most frequently from people before, during, and after a divorce. 

We have organized Colorado Divorce Info to make it easy to find the answers you need.  It includes suggestions on both the personal issues you may be facing and the legal information you need to determine how to move forward. Because that’s what it is all about—moving your life forward; getting you and your family to a better place. It is important to have complete information available about your options so that the outcome you reach will be the best possible road ahead.

We hope that you will find many of the answers you seek on Colorado Divorce Info. But sometimes you just need to ask your question directly.  Feel free to submit your question to our legal team and we will provide the best guidance possible. 

When you are ready, if you would like to request a private and confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys, please call 303-785-8567 or request an appointment online.


Richard A. Harris
Owner, the Harris Law Firm