Steps to Prepare for Divorce in Denver

steps to Prepare for DivorceWhile there is no such thing as an easy divorce in Colorado, there are steps to prepare for divorce. A number of things that you can do to start preparing for divorce in Denver that will make the process easier include:

  • Know Your Rights: You should look into as many reliable sources as you can on Colorado domestic relations law. There is excellent information available on the Web for free download, and there are also a number of excellent publications available. The more educated you are, the better you are going to be able to deal with court deadlines, required documents to submit to the court, and how to protect yourself.
  • Consult an Experienced Attorney: This does not by any means, mean that you need to engage in costly litigation. In fact, quite the contrary. A good, settlement – oriented family law attorney can advice you on the best way to represent and protect yourself during this process. Many attorneys offer a service called “unbundled representation” which allows you to consult with an attorney on a limited basis to assist in understanding legal documents and prepare for hearings.
  • Carefully Prepare Your Legal Filings: All of the documents you will need for a simple, non-contested proceeding are available for free from the State Judicial Website. These documents are crafted in a user-friendly way, and the judges are familiar with the processing of these documents. You can also purchase for a nominal fee instructions on how and when to file the documents from most district court clerks’ offices. You should typically file your case in the county in which you (and if applicable, your children) reside.
  • Be Proactive: Know your deadlines, and try to stay ahead of the curve. First, get all of your mandatory financial disclosures ready. Some of these documents may need to be ordered, and you will make life much easier on yourself if you get going on this right away. Follow the procedure for getting hearing dates, and respond quickly to all reasonable inquiries and offers from the other side or the court.
  • Read Your Orders and Notices from the Court: This seems so simple, but so many people toss aside all of their documents without going through them. Anything you receive from the Court is important. You will often receive a case management order, and following it carefully will help you get hearing dates and process your case correctly.
  • Be Prepared for Any Hearings: Make sure you know the subject of the hearing and whether you will be required to submit evidence to the judge. Remember, if you are representing yourself, you must abide by all of the rules that govern attorneys. Have all of your documents ready and prepare in advance all of your statements and legal arguments for the judge. Get there early so that you know exactly where you need to be. If you have some extra time, use it to prepare some more and try to relax.

Overall, careful and thorough Colorado or Denver divorce preparation will help you get through this stressful situation with your sanity intact. It can help you achieve your goal of making this an easy divorce in Colorado.

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