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If you are considering getting divorced in Colorado, or if you have already obtained a divorce in this state and have questions about your rights and options according to Colorado law, you will find that The Harris Law firm's Colorado Divorce Info website is an invaluable source of legal and practical information.

The site is designed as a comprehensive resource for those seeking to obtain information on Colorado Family Law topics that include:

The site also offers articles on Colorado family law written by the attorneys at The Harris Law Firm, legal forms, answers to frequently asked questions, and a resource to have your legal questions answered for free via email.

Additional Colorado Divorce and Child Custody Resources

Colorado Divorce Info also offers articles written by a panel of experts that provide information on:

  • Questions about Mortgages
  • Colorado Tax Issues
  • Therapy and Counseling
  • Financial Planning

Other sections are specifically devoted to issues regarding women, men, and a very special section is just for children.

Going through a divorce is never easy and we hope you find the information contained in this website to be helpful. We also invite you to email us with questions about topics not yet covered on

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