Where Do I Start?

Preparing for Divorce

Nobody prepares you for what to do when your dreams don’t come true.  That’s where Colorado Divorce Info can help.  If you or a friend is in an unhappy relationship, you may need some support.  Friends, family, clergy, and other professional resources are available to help you through this difficult time.  Don’t feel you have to do this alone – preparing for divorce means finding the resources you need to deal with the emotional, financial, legal, and personal challenges ahead. 

If you are trying to figure out whether or not to end your marriage and, if so, what legal paths to take, the information in the following pages will help answer many of the questions you are facing when preparing for divorce. We can help with personal questions such as, “what’s best for the children?” or “should you move out of your house?”.  And, of course, we can help with legal questions like, “do you need a lawyer?” and “what would be a fair parenting plan?” 

View the sections below for the personal and legal advice you need if you are considering divorce.